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Unparalleled stowage plan efficiency

Instant, accurate, and unlimited plans

Eliminate hours of waiting for captains and chief officers to send manual stowage plans.

Elevate your shipping operations

Improved decision-making and streamlined communication.

Editable Plans

Easily adapt stowage plans on-the-fly to accommodate changes in cargo or vessel.

Automatically detect and address inefficiencies, maximizing space utilization and reducing operating costs.

Empower Brokers and Streamline Communication

Provide brokers with faster, more accurate quotes, increasing the likelihood of securing business.

Effortlessly export stowage plans to PDF and email them directly to stakeholders.

Unburden your captain

Free up the captain’s time and minimize human error by automating stowage planning.

Focus on what matters most: safe and efficient navigation of your tanker fleet.

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Trusted by shipping companies worldwide.

Our software's simplicity and efficiency have earned praise from users in the tanker shipping industry. Experience the power of seamless stowage planning.

    • Stow Wise has transformed our tanker operations, making stowage planning efficient and accurate. It's a game-changer in the industry.

      Martin Svensson
      Operations Manager at Nordic Tankers
    • The instant stowage plans have significantly reduced waiting times and improved coordination with our captains and brokers. Highly recommended!

      Laura Vidal
      Director at Atlantic Shipping Group
    • Stow Wise has made managing our tanker fleet much easier, allowing us to optimize space utilization and reduce operating costs. A fantastic tool for our business.

      James O'Connor
      Founder of O'Connor Maritime Services
    • Safety and compliance are critical in our line of work. Stow Wise has helped us ensure proper cargo segregation and adherence to regulations, giving us peace of mind.

      Daniel Rossi
      COO at Mediterranean Tanker Services
    • As a broker, having access to instant stowage plans has enabled us to provide more accurate quotes faster, giving us a competitive edge in the market.

      Thomas Dupont
      Founder of Dupont Shipping Agency
    • Stow Wise's excellent customer support has been invaluable in helping us integrate the software into our existing processes. They're always there when we need them.

      Michael Adams
      Director at Horizon Shipping Company

Simple pricing, for everyone.

It doesn’t matter what size your fleet is, our software will work well for you.

Starter Plan

Small shipping companies with a limited fleet and standard vessel types

$149/month per ship

  • Unlimited Stowage Plans
  • Multiple cargo types
  • Up to 3 users
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Professional Plan

Medium-sized shipping companies with a growing fleet and a mix of vessel types

$249/month per ship

  • All Starter Plan features
  • Editable Plans
  • Support for specialized vessel types
  • Export PDF reports to email
  • Access for up to 12 users
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Enterprise Plan

For even the biggest tanker companies.

Custom Pricing

  • All Professional Plan features
  • Custom integrations to ERP or SMS software
  • Unlimited users
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Priority support
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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and we’ll get back to you.

    • What types of tankers does Stow Wise support?

      Our software supports a wide range of tanker types, including Handysize, MR, LR1, LR2, Aframax, Suezmax, and VLCC. We continuously update our software to accommodate various vessel types and their unique stowage requirements.

    • How does the Stow Wise ensure regulatory compliance?

      Our software incorporates industry regulations and guidelines, such as proper cargo segregation, balanced load distribution, and adherence to specific rules governing hazardous materials. This ensures that the generated stowage plans are compliant with applicable laws and minimize risks to crew, cargo, and the environment.

    • Can the software integrate with existing ERP or Ship Management Systems?

      Yes, our Enterprise plan offers custom integrations with existing ERP or Ship Management Systems, allowing you to streamline your workflows and improve overall operational efficiency.

    • How does Stow Wise determine the optimal loading sequence for cargo?

      Our software uses advanced algorithms to calculate the best loading sequence for cargo, taking into account factors such as cargo type, weight, vessel limitations, and regulations. This ensures an efficient and safe loading process that maximizes space utilization and minimizes potential risks.

    • Can Stow Wise help identify potential cross-contamination risks?

      Yes, our software is designed to identify potential cross-contamination risks by analyzing cargo compatibility and ensuring proper segregation of hazardous materials. This helps maintain cargo integrity and prevent costly incidents or environmental damage.

    • How does the software take into account the specific parameters of a ship?

      The software incorporates detailed information about the ship, such as dimensions, cargo capacities, and structural limitations, to generate accurate and tailored stowage plans. This ensures that the plans are optimized for the specific vessel, maximizing efficiency and safety.

    • What is the implementation process like, and how long does it take?

      The implementation process is straightforward and tailored to your specific needs. Once you sign up for a plan, our team will guide you through the setup process, which typically takes just a few days to complete. We also offer comprehensive training and support to help you get the most out of our software.

    • How does the software enhance safety on board the vessel?

      By ensuring proper cargo segregation, balanced load distribution, and adherence to regulations, our software minimizes risks associated with improper stowage and enhances the overall safety of your tanker fleet. This helps prevent incidents, protect the crew, and maintain the vessel’s structural integrity.

    • How can the software be customized to accommodate unique stowage requirements or preferences?

      Our software is highly flexible and can be tailored to meet specific stowage requirements or preferences. Users can input custom parameters or rules, and the software will generate stowage plans that adhere to these constraints, ensuring a personalized and efficient stowage planning experience.